Boosting Your Home’s Sale Value: The Power of Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling The Bathroom​

It’s an early Saturday morning, and you’re sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a good cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee. It’s quiet and peaceful as the intense morning sun bursts light through your windows. You reflect on these moments as your Zen time before the tribe awakens to break the serene silence.

Days earlier it was decided to sell the house and move to one offering you more advantages. You now agonize over all those tasks still on the “to-do list” that will never get completed. A mild level of frustration nags you for procrastinating on the to-do list, knowing it could cost you to get top dollar for the house.

Well, let me relieve the stress when it comes to raising the home sale value. There are rooms where spending money will make the best return on investment (ROI). One room would be the kitchen, and the other is the bathrooms.

Tips to consider when remodeling the bathroom:

  • Update using a general approach and earth tone colors. You don’t want friends looking and silently saying, “what were they thinking?”
  • Changing out the mirror or door pulls and faucet hardware is an inexpensive solution for an updated look.
  • Use an old dresser for a unique sink vanity – paint the top with several coats of clear polyurethane to waterproof the wood. Cut a hole(s) for a drop-in or under-mounted sink bowl.
  • Avoid vessel sinks in bathrooms where children wash up. Little arms can’t reach up and over the angle of the edge of the bowl to get down into the sink.
  • From a resale value, as tempting as it is, do not eliminate the tub feature in the shared family bathroom. Women (especially mothers) influence home-buying decisions, and mommas need tubs to bathe the babies.
  • Consider installing low voltage electric floor warmers as an inexpensive luxury feature under tile or manufactured flooring if you’re updating the floor. The floor warmer can be run on a timer to pre-heat the bathroom floor before you rise in the morning. No more cold feet!
  • Soft-close toilet seats cost the same as those that slam. Toilet seats are among the most frequently used items in the house, yet most people don’t replace them when worn. Replace them for a clean, fresh look in the bathroom(s).